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Nutritional Therapy

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Optimum nutrition is the foundation of good health, which is not just avoiding ill health but feeling mentally and physically alive. Nutritional Therapy aims to achieve this by using the science of nutrition, physiology and biochemistry together with diagnostic procedures. Biochemically, everyone is an individual with different strengths and weaknesses as well as having different genetic backgrounds and living with different stresses. Therefore each programme is tailored to an individual’s specific needs, supplying the foods and nutrients that are required while, at the same time, avoiding those that may be causing problems. The body has an amazing capacity to be rejuvenated once it is supplied with the raw materials that are needed.

Virtually everyone can benefit from Nutritional Therapy.

It can be used to:

  • Support good digestion & bowel health
  • Improve the ability to adapt to the pressures of modern life
  • Support healthy weight management
  • Promote tolerance to a wide range of foods
  • Balance hormones
  • Promote good skin health
  • Optimise energy and vitality
  • Support emotional and psychological wellbeing
  • Promote good muscular & skeletal health
  • Maintain good immunity to prevent infections
  • Promote regulated blood sugar balnce
  • Support good cardiovascular health

Nutritional Therapy needs commitment and patience. Foods and nutrients do not work like drugs as they are more gentle and take time. Most people feel the benefit after 3 months and some may see an improvement in a shorter time.

Nutritional therapy can be undertaken alongside conventional treatments from your doctor, or alternative therapies; in fact, it may help your other treatments to work more effectively.

Diet changes are not always easy, but your programme will be designed to fit into your lifestyle and the changes will be made at your own pace; eventually they become a new way of life.

Client’s comments

“Your professional guidance helped us to be confident in what we were undertaking and to clarify many points that we needed help with. Thank you Heather for your calm, kind and authoritative approach, as you were instrumental in turning around Sue’s health.” Sue and Robert, Nottingham

"Nutritional therapy seemed a sensible thing to try. One can’t live for ever, but can perhaps do something to improve the quality of one's life. Four months or so after I gave diet a much higher priority friends tell me, surprised, that I look extremely well. I do indeed feel physically well and much more positive mentally. Heather’s non-judgmental and pragmatic approach has helped me to continue my love affair with food, but in a healthier way. Her mastery of her subject is formidable, and with her practical and creative suggestions, gentle persistence and encouragement I am ditching the bad, eating the good, enjoying the present and looking forward to the future." Margaret, Loughborough

“I'm feeling  better now, just come back from The Fringe at Edinburgh, thanks to you and your help, I was able to go. I had booked it months ago!” Sue, Leicester

“I’ve changed from being exhausted continually to waking in a morning actually feeling awake and ready with energy and vitality to face my day. My energy is constant, no dips, feeling low or hungry. Headaches have reduced from daily to very rarely. I feel balanced and content with the food I am eating and my attitude to food has changed.” Karen, Ashby de la Zouch

“Can’t thank you enough, I feel 20 years younger than when I came to see you. Changing my diet has been a revolution and a revelation” Penny, Sutton Coldfield