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The Consultation

A consultation with Heather Lee, Nutritional Therapist in the Nottingham, Loughborough and Vale of Belvoir areas

Download the Patient Questionnaire

Before the first consultation I ask my clients to complete a questionnaire which can be downloaded from this site. The information from this, together with further discussion, will help me to form a detailed view of their current state of health. Medical and relevant family history, together with knowledge of diet and lifestyle, will all help to inform my assessment.

The first consultation lasts about 1 ¼ hours where personal health goals are discussed and the client is advised on which foods are likely to be beneficial and which would be best avoided. A personalised programme is generated and objective advice is given on supplements which are often helpful in optimising health. One or two follow-up consultations are usually advised to assess progress and make adjustments to the programme; these take about 45 minutes. After this the client will have enough knowledge to help keep themselves in good health, but a return visit every few years may be advisable.

The benefits of eating well cannot be underestimated; it may be the best insurance for your future health.

Occasionally, biochemical tests are recommended to supply more information on the body’s underlying imbalances, to supplement the information obtained from the questionnaire. The cost of these tests and the cost of supplements are extra to the cost of the consultation.

Phone and e-mail support is available between appointments.